You master publications in scientific journals as well as peer to peer communication.Yet, do you get your message across to the general public?To scientists outside of your field? To your financial, political or business partners?

We are keen to deep dive into your areas of expertise, popularize your messages and disseminate them to your audiences.

Clear scientific communication is good for science!

  • It encourages interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • It allows the funding of your research.
  • It prepares the next generation of scientists.
  • It fosters public and political support.
  • It makes knowledge accessible to the majority.
  • Strengthen your messages.


    Do you have a blog? Do you regularly write a science or health column? Do you publish a newsletter? Congratulations! We help you save time and strengthen your messages.

    Do you want to create a website, produce an annual report or a white paper? We support you with this endeavour.

    Reach out to the media with your research, your mission and your personality.


  • Connect your research, mission and personality to the media.


    The gap between the information published in specialized journals and the one published in the media remains wide.

    We help you create press releases, broadcast them to the right interlocutors, organise your media events, and - of course - translate the jargon!


  • Train your ability to deliver a clear message in front of a camera.


    …or into a microphone. We associate our competences with those of Microplume Sàrl to offer you personalised media trainings, improve your public presentation skills and help you maximise your media impact by echoing it on your website and social networks.

    This training will allow you to:

    • to learn what are the selection criteria of the media, including the electronic media;
      to improve your ability to deliver a clear message, respond to a radio or TV interview, answer in an accurate and comprehensible manner;
    • improve your body language;
    • to speak out and be heard;
    • to know your rights with the media;
    • to determine the opportunities offered by social media and networks to be favoured by researchers;
    • to learn from examples of successful scientific communication.


  • Increase the reach of your conference.


    “Let's publish a summary of the conference!” This endeavor is time- and resource-consuming, and rarely fulfilled.

    Be it through an article, a publication or a live-tweet – we are here to help you achieve this commitment and increase the reach of your conference.


  • Open your new horizon on social networks.


    Publish or perish? Be visible or vanish ? The impact factor is no longer enough. The number of citations on the web is now also taken into account.

    Undeniably, digitalization opens the door to new audiences for you. Take Twitter for example. Many scientists use it to promote their research and many journalists use it to monitor them. Twitter has itself become a research ground. It is also used by scientific editors, universities, your peers.

    Above all, social networks allow you to position yourself, to make direct communications, and to attract visitors to your website and newsfeed. By the way, you are probably already there, without knowing it and without being able to react – have you ever checked?

    We help you build your strategy, your editorial line and give you all the tools you need to reach maximum digital autonomy.